Ron Burkhardt is the founder of Notism, a new genre of
contemporary American art that exalts language, letterforms and
symbols as it seeks to preserve the vanishing realm of intimate
human writing. Burkhardt’s incessant notetaking, which began at 16 in
the serene landscape of the American Midwest, has become its
own hieroglyphic-like language, transforming words into
emotional energy forms.Born in Jackson, Michigan, and bred in the urban
cauldron of New York City, the primal spirituality of Burkhardt’s
work has led to 30 shows in the past six years in Italy, Brazil,
Austria, Palm Beach, Chicago, Los Angeles, Southampton and
New York, including a Rockefeller Foundation exhibit at the
Forbes Gallery. Burkhardt, who has been featured on NBC,
CNN, PBS, and WVVH/Hamptons television, won a Medici medal for
mixed media in 2005 at the Biennale dell arte Contemporanea in
Florence, Italy, and was one of only three American artists
selected for the International Biennale of Contemporary Art in
Klagenfurt, Austria, in 2006.

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