Camilla Webster is a widely exhibited and collected fine artist, best selling author and speaker.

Webster has a solo exhibit scheduled this June 2019 at The Marseilles Hotel in South Beach. Upcoming exhibits this in 2020 include Art Santa Fe in July, Sofa Sculpture in Chicago at the end of October, CONTEXT Art Miami in early December, and fourteen new original works will be exhibited at Ocean Sotheby’s in Islamorada beginning in October through to the end of the year. In February 2020, Webster’s works will be featured in a solo exhibition at the Paul Fisher Gallery for a month-long exhibit.

During Art Basel Miami last year, Webster delivered an intimate art talk at sea aboard The Waterford for the social impact organization NEXUS Global. Mercedes-Benz celebrated Webster’s work alongside other leading Floridian artists during Miami Art Week with a special installation exhibit curated by Dr. Jill Deupi, director of The Lowe Art Museum.

Now widely recognized in the art world, including by Mana Contemporary, Camilla Webster has a message that she conveys beautifully in color, line, and form.  “Without a doubt her work will continue to gain attention in contemporary art circles and draw an ever-growing distinguished audience of collectors, gallerists, and curators,” says Shai Baitel, SVP Strategy, Mana Contemporary.

Capturing the attention of the Miami art scene upon her arrival, Webster was given a solo show during Art Basel Miami week at The Edition Hotel sponsored by Sotheby’s ONE. Her work was then chosen by interior designer Elizabeth Ghia for “The Grand Salon” in the Miami Designer Show House at The Deering Estate last April.  In the summer of 2018, her portraits and abstracts were part of “The Power of Her” exhibit curated by Tanya Brillembourg at IdeoBox in Wynwood, Miami. Her work is in private and corporate collections in New York, Palm Beach, London and Hilton Head.

Webster donated “Oceans of You” to support Cancer Alliance’s annual fundraiser at The Breakers, Palm Beach. Her print “Stars and Stripes” was donated to the auction for All Charities.

Painting in South Florida since 2017, the New York artist has focused on the water around the Florida Keys, Miami and Palm Beach in acrylic on canvas. Themes are also informed by her background as a veteran journalist and storyteller at Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other international news outlets. Over two decades she covered the war in Baghdad and breaking news around the world, interviewed world leaders in Davos and wrote a best- seller on women, wealth and power. Her TEDx talk “Art in Front of You” which focuses on the art of calming down has garnered thousands of views. Predominantly self-taught, she studied under Pat Lipsky at The Art Students League, New York in 2013 and at The Slade School of Fine Art, London in the summer of 2014 and went on to spend the winter of 2014 to summer 2015 in the studio at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.

Artist Statement:

Now in the 21st century, we find ourselves in the midst of profound and fast social changes. Webster’s newest body of work is influenced by her family’s century-old great love of South Florida’s oceans and environment, and there is an element of healing as its central theme.

Webster’s acrylic on canvas paintings use color, energy, and movement to remind us that we are one with the element of water and that we need it to grow, to heal, to cleanse and to renew. “We are all water, we share global waters and the water in the paintings is also a reflection of our emotional wellbeing”, she says. The intention of this work is to bring a sense of solitude and tranquility to all who view it.

By using materials like gold and ultramarine (ground Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan) – materials which were once reserved only for royal and religious figures in paintings and murals of the Renaissance, Webster invites us to experience the ocean, dusk, sea grapes, the clouds as spiritual, priceless and precious. Webster explores our relationship to the environment by tying it into memory, consciousness, love and desire through color.

In “Keys Kintsugi” (year), is a Japanese-inspired body of work with splashes of gold meandering through each painting. In Kintsugi pottery, imperfections and cracks are accentuated and celebrated with a gold overlay allowing the flaws themselves to shine through suggesting that there is new beauty and increased value not only in the cracks of pottery, but in the cracks of life itself. This work was inspired by a time of loss and renewal in the artist’s own life, but also by the devastation and recovery of a community after Hurricane Irma. Webster’s message is to declare that life is always beautiful even in the realms of great tragedy and that art has the power to heal. From October to December, Webster’s complete Keys Kintsugi collection will be exhibited in Islamorada at Ocean Sotheby’s Roberto Russell Gallery.

The Flower Power series portrays the rise of women in power with the artist showing them in a different light, “one woman, one flower, one power at a time”.

In each painting and in each collection, essentials of Webster’s own colorful life are apparent—her cultural experiences adding to the depth of her creations. Amongst her accolades are award-winning author, T.V. analyst, influencer and adventurer. Her philosophy is that “art has the ability to grab our attention, to emanate the human condition.” Indeed, her work as a war correspondent in the Middle East moved her to highlight the perils of war by painting War Soul, and her passion for politics inspired her to create Stars and Stripes reflecting the turbulence of the year in politics in 2018. In addition to drawing attention to social and political issues such as conflict, immigration and addiction, she uses her platform and her talents to give back to her South Florida community; she advocates for the care of the world’s oceans and she donates proceeds from selected works to support the needs of local cancer patients and their families.

Webster paints from the heart and her artwork not only depicts her passion and sensitivity but also her desire to educate. She is a teacher. She is an artist. She is a healer inviting you to decelerate and find peace and hope in her work. As she says in her Ted Talk, Art in Front of You, “look up, look down and all around and let art change your life”. And she speaks from experience.

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