Born in Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Italy on May 19, 1944.
Lived in Parma, Italy until 1957, when his family moved to the
United States. Alex lives and works in a converted 1850’s church
with his wife Elizabeth Hill, also a painter, and has two children,
Aramis, and Siena.
Yale University, New Haven, CT., BFA, MFA, Graduate School of
Painting. Full Scholarship and Fellowship. 1967-69.
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano, Italy. Certificate of
Honor (Painting with Pompeo Borra, and Sculpture with Marino
Marini), 1966-67.
Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, 1966.
Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, CT. Full Scholarship, and
Assistantship in Sculpture and Ceramics, 1963-66.
Society for the Four Arts, Palm Beach, Florida, 2016-2017-2018
2019 (artist in residence) 2020 visiting artist
Carmel Art Association, Lake Carmel, NY (Painting) 2008-2020
Santa Fe (Nero-Butler and Smith studios), (Intensive Painting-Art
History classes), 2005-2012
Rothschild Estate, Langau, Austria (art history, drawing and
painting, private tutoring), 2002
NY Institute of Technology, Manhattan, NY. (Visual Aesthetics and
Advanced Media Aesthetics to Graduate Film and Communication
Students, History of Modern Art, History of Technology in Art, Intro
to Animation, Art History for Architects, Drawing, Art in the Age of
Mass Communication) 2000-2020

Ferri Studio, Santa Fe, NM. (Intensives in Advanced Painting)
Wooster Art Center, Danbury, CT. (Drawing, Painting, 2-D and 3-D
Design, Color, Figure Drawing – Painting, and Sculpture, Dynamics
of Composition, Art History, Portraiture, and Landscape Painting)
Santa Fe International Academy of Art, Santa Fe, NM. Dean, and
Director. (Painting, Drawing, Figure Sculpture, Landscape, Art
History, and Native American Arts, and Culture; Classes at Los
Alamos; Beginning Drawing, “Aesthetics and Science”) 1993-98.
Webutuck Studio, Amenia, NY. (Advanced Painting and Drawing
Tutorials) 1984-2013
State University of New York at SUNY Purchase, NY. (Painting,
Design, and Drawing) 1978-82.
Artworks Forum, Millerton, NY. Dean, (Painting, Drawing, and Art
History) 1980-84.
Bard College, Annandale on the Hudson, (Independent-Study
Programs in painting) 1979-81.
Sharon Creative Art Center, Sharon, CT (Painting and Drawing)
University of Bridgeport, BPT, CT (2-D and 3-D Design, and
Painting) 1973-74.
Lacoste –Silvermine School of Art, Lacoste (Provence), France.
Dean- Director. (Painting, Drawing, Art History, Landscape, and Tour
Director to Spain, France, Switzerland, and Italy) 1971-72.
Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, CT. (Ceramics, Painting,
and 2-3D Design) 1968-71.
Yale University, New Haven, CT (Color with Richard Lytle, and
Continuing Education) 1968-69.
Alex Shundi has tutored privately in painting, drawing and art
history a vast number of students, amongst which: Geoffrey
Rothschild Hoguet, Peter Rockefeller, Ben Feder, Mathew Riva,
Ron Hoffman, John Halpern, Mia Rizzi, etc.
Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, Ct, 2017-2019
Esther O’Keefe Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida, 2017-2019
Millerton Movie House Theater, Millerton, NY, 20016
Society for the 4 Arts, Palm Beach, Florida, 2016 -2017-2020
Millbrook School, Millbrook, NY 2014

NYIT, Manhattan, NY, 2005-2020
Hygienic Gallery, New London, Ct, 2013
Arts On the Lake, Kent, NY, 2012-2016-2017-2020
Butler Studio, Santa Fe, NM, 2008
Koskinas Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, 2008
Bantam Theater, Bantam, Ct, 2013
Forman School, Litchfield, Ct, 2007
Webutuck School, Amenia, NY, 2006-2007
EuroCircle, Manhattan, NY, 2004
Canterbury School, New Milford, Ct, 2003
New Arts Gallery, Litchfield, Ct, 2001-2014
Newtown Art Association, Newtown, CT. 2000.
Wooster Art Center, Danbury, CT. (Chaired Four Symposiums)
Zapata Valencia Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. 1995.
Santa Fe International Academy of Art, Santa Fe, NM. (Chaired 6
Symposiums) 1996-98.
Jean Cocteau Theatre, Santa Fe, NM. (Hopi Culture) 1993.
American Indian Archeological Institute, Washington Depot, CT.
(Curator and Lecturer for Exhibition: “Hopi Katchina Dolls” and on
Amerindian Art) 1993-99.
Saga Gallery, Brookfield, CT 1990-93.
World Peace Festival (U.N.), Amenia, NY. (Curator of Amerindian
Participation, Designer of Earth Day Events, and of the Iroquois
“Peace” Pole) 1991-2000.
Berkshire School, Sheffield, MA. 1992.
Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT. 1992.
Empire State College, Shrub Oaks, NY. 1992.
International and Regional Snow Sculpture WinterFest, Quebec,
Canada. (Judge for the USA, and Lecturer) 1992.
Unitarian University Society of Northeast Fairfield County,
Redding, Ct, (Hopi, Spirits in the Arts) 1991.
Vermont College, Bennington, VT. 1991.
Sheffield Art Association, Sheffield, MA. 1990.
Trinity College, Hartford, CT (Visiting critic& Lecturer) 1981-83-86.
Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venice, Italy. 1982.
Ridgefield Center of the Arts, Ridgefield, CT. 1978-80.
Kent School, Kent, CT. 1978.
Prescott College, Prescott, AZ. (Artist in Residence, Critic). 1974.
Yale University, New Haven, CT. 1971.

Southern Connecticut State College, New Haven, CT. 1969.
Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury Ct, 2017-2018
Dixon Bldg. Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida, 2016-2018
Movie House Theater Gallery, Millerton, NY, 2016-2018
Rocca Fea Museum, Gualdo Tadino, Umbria, Italy, 2015
Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe NM, 2015
NYIT Gallery, Manhattan, NY, 2014-2019
Lake Carmel Arts Association Gallery, Kent, NY, 2002-2O20
WarnerGallery, Hoolbrook art Center, Millbrook NY 2014
Hygienic Gallery, New London, CT, 2012-2013
Gabriele Magniani Gallery, London England, 2010-2020
Unison Gallery, New Paltz, NY, 2010-2011
Newartsgallery, Litchfield, CT. 2000-2019
NYIT Comm. Gallery, Manhattan, NY, 2010-2019
Maghenzani –Adorni, Parma Italy 2010-2015
II Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea, Museo Comunale Sabbioneta ,
(Mantova)Italy 2010
Torsos for Gaza, Barak, Stanfordville, NY, 2010
Lake Carmel Art Association Gallery, Kent, NY, 2010-2020
SCA Contemporary Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, 2009
Koskinas Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, 2008
Bantam Theater Gallery, 2007-2013
Foreman School – Johnson Art Center Gallery, Litchfield, Ct, 2007
Westport Art Association Gallery Wpt, Ct, 2006
EuroCircle Gallery, NYIT, New York, NY, 2004
Tremaine Gallery at Hotchkiss, Lakeville, Ct. 2004
Edward J. Duffy Family Art Gallery, New Milford, CT. 2003
Gallery 22, Amenia, NY. 2001-05.
Saga Gallery, South Norwalk, CT. 2001-05.
New Arts Gallery, Bantam, CT. 2000-2002
Beverly Sacks Fine Art Inc.229 E. 60 Manhattan, NY 1973-06
Unison Gallery, New Paltz, NY. 2000-2010
Munson Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. 1999-2000.
Museum for American Indian Studies, Washington, CT. 1999.
Gierek Fine Arts Gallery, Tulsa, OK. 1998-2019
Glass Mountain Gallery, Bantam, CT. 1999.
New Art Salon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. 1998-99.

WCAC Gallery, Danbury, CT. 1998-2003.
Seta Corp. Gallery, White Plains, NY. 1988.
Santa Fe International Academy of Art, Santa Fe, NM. 1995-98.
Garuda Gallery, Sharon, CT. 1997.
Miami Art Expo, Miami, FL. 1996-97.
N.A. Arts Gallery, Taos, NM. 1996.
Zapata Valencia Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. 1994-95.
Red Men Hall Gallery, Empire, CO. 1991-93.
United Nations World Peace Festival, Amenia, NY. 1991-92.
Waterside Gallery, Stamford, CT. 1992-93.
Saint John the Devine Cathedral, Manhattan, NY. 1992
Tiqua Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. 1989-90.
Chappaqua Library Gallery, Chappaqua, NY. 1988-89
Washington Arts Assoc. Gallery, Washington Depot, CT. 1988.
Wooster Art Center Gallery, Danbury, CT. 1975-2000.
Kent School Gallery, Kent, CT. 1986-88.
Millbrook School Gallery, Amenia, NY. 1986-88.
Millerton Art Space, Millerton, NY. 1981-86-88.
Crystal Gallery-the Vault, Greenwich, CT. 1983.
Artists CO-OP Gallery, Danbury, CT. 1981-82.
Sharon Creative Arts Gallery, Sharon, CT. 1977-81.
Visual Art Gallery SUNY at Purchase, NY. 1980.
Galleria Arte Moderna, Ischia, Italy. 1979-80.
Deck Gallery, West Cornwall, CT. 1978.
Shwartz Gallery, Milano, Italy. 1976-77.
Genesis Gallery, E.57 St., NY. NY. 1976-78.
Cortland College Art Gallery, Cortland, NY. 1977.
Hamilton College, Clinton, NY. 1977.
Alcott-Damon Smith Gallery, Kent, CT. 1977.
Bauhaus II Gallery, Westport, CT. 1975-76.
Namon Fine Arts Gallery, Ridgefield, CT. 1975-76.
Razor Gallery, W. Broadway, NY. NY. 1972-76.
Auberbach Gallery, Madison Ave. NY, NY. 1975.
University of Bridgeport Art Gallery, BPT. CT. 1973.
Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan, CT. 1964-72.
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT. 1968-70.
United Restaurant at Yale Experimental Art Space, New Haven,
CT. 1968-69.
New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT. 1969.
Alpha Gallery, Boston, MA. 1969.

Southern CT. State College, West Haven, CT. 1969.
Salabaganza Galleria Comunale, Salabaganza, (Parma), Italy.
Brera Accademia Museum, Milano, Italy. 1967.
Galleria Fiori Oscuri, Milano, Italy. 1966-67.
New Haven Art Festival, New Haven, CT. 1966.
Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, CT. 1965-66.
Silvermine College of Art Gallery, New Caanan and Stamford, CT.

In the last ten years, I have put together twenty trains, each built with
eight pieces: a locomotive, a tender, and six wagons. All together
there are 160 pieces. Each train is about nine feet long. All the wagons
have old roller-skates as bases, whereas the locomotive and tender are
on wooden bases.
These are all little installations. The subjects are homage to artists,
sociology, surrealism, science, mathematics, archeology, history,
politics, mythology, astronomy and astrology, nostalgia, architecture,
games, the circus, engineering, cuisine, minerals, environment, music,
primitivism, religion, war, medicine, and much more.
Webutuck School, Amenia, NY. “History of the Local
Algonquians”(9 panels in acrylic on wood, 7’x 9’) 2006-2008
World Peace Sanctuary, Amenia, NY. (4- 3’x 7’ panels; acrylic on
wood, landscape mural), “doves” mural (acrylic on plaster, 25’x 4’)
2003, and “US State Map” (12’x 9’, acrylic on canvas) 2006.
Mecca Auto Research Co., Sharon, CT. (28 court room drawings
from GM trial) 2003.
Shalimar Restaurant, San Jose, CA. (total environment) 2001.
Nyauta Restaurant, Yonkers, NY. (total environment
design. Nine 10’x 5’ acrylic paintings on wood, and 32 decorated
panels. Granite, mirror, lighting, wood, carpet, cloth) 2001.
Casa Miguel Restaurant, Mt. Kisco, NY. (4 panels on the history
of the Mexican Revolution, 5’x 5’ each, acrylic on wood) 2001.
World Peace Sanctuary, Amenia, NY. (Poster Design, 50’ x 5’ Stage
Set, Acrylic on Canvas; Mural, 11’x 4’ Acrylic on Plaster; Installation

of Amerindian Village: 5 Tipis, 18’ Diameter Stone Prayer Wheel)
Sichenza Building, Poughkeepsie, NY. (8’ x 28’ Acrylic Mural on
Wall and Glass) 1999.
Good Feathers Restaurant, Poughkeepsie, NY. (9’ x 22’ Enamel on
Metal, and 2, 6’x 4’ Acrylic Murals) 1999.
Lloyd Levi Residence, Manhattan, NY. (Ceiling, 32’ x 20’, Acrylic,
Oil, and Enamel on Plaster) 1998.
Red Men Hall Gallery, Empire, CO. (9’ x 5’ Relief, Enamel on
Shaped Wood) 1992.
Maharaja Restaurant, Poughkeepsie, NY. (Whole Environment: 60’
x 45’, Wood, Fiberglass, Celluloid, Aluminum, Acrylic, Clay, Cloth,
Mirrors, Lights) 1992.
World Peace Festival, Amenia, NY. (4’ x 14’ Wood Column, Carved
and Painted; 2, 12’ Stone Rotundas ( Amerindian Medicine wheels,)
and a 12’ x 28’ Installation of Arboretums) 1991-99.
Westchester Country Club, White Plains, NY. (Enamel on Wood
Relief) 1991.
N.S.A. Headquarters, Dover Plains, NY. (Enamel on Wood Relief)
Primal Perfect Co., Croton, NY. (6’ x 8’ Photo-Collage: Oil and
Acrylic. 4’ x 7’ Movable Object for Film: Feathers, Wood and Glass)
Allyn’s Restaurant, Millbrook, NY. (23’ x 5’ Acrylic on Wall,
8’ x 4’ Iron Horse) 1988.
Chappaqua Library Theatre, Chappaqua, NY. (16’ x 8’ Acrylic on
Canvas Wall of Iroquois artifacts and social structure,) 1988.
Cousin’s Restaurant, Amenia, NY. (8 Shaped, Wood Reliefs in
Enamel, 8’ x 4’ each, and a Painted Wall Space, 24’ x 4’) 1988.
Familia Restaurant, Millerton, NY. (Whole Environment, Acrylic
on Plaster, 35’ x 8’) 1988.
Better Weigh Health Food CO-OP Restaurant, Amenia, NY.
(68’ x 14’, Whole Environment: Acrylic, Oil, Stain on Plaster, Wood
and Aluminum) 1987-88.
Cappella Canonica di Greve, Greve sul Chianti (Tuscanny), Italy
(Fresco over Altar of 12 th Century Monastery) 1986.
Robustelli Restaurant, Harlem Valley, NY. (12’ x 9’ Acrylic on
Plaster) 1986-87.

Il Rigoletto Restaurant, New York, NY. (Whole Environment: 40’
x 6’ Fresco Secco on Plaster, Oil on Mirror, Acrylic on Canvas)
Custom Kitchens, Lakeville, CT. (12’ x 9’ Oil) 1985-86.
Hartford Magazine, Hartford, CT. (Magazine Cover, Oil) 1985.
Maharaja Indian Restaurant, Millerton, NY. (Whole Environment:
78’ x 42’ Wood, Cloth, Acrylic on Plaster;
18, 4’ x 8’ Reliefs Enamel on Wood) 1985-86.
Bauman & Garrity, Salisbury, CT. (18’ x 9’ Mural; Oil)
Medina Chiropractic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY. (18’ x 8’ Oil
Enamel on 3 Shaped Wood Panels) 1985.
Wingdale Restaurant, Wingdale, NY. (12’ x 8’ Mural; Oil) 1985.
Less Buckland (Carabiner), New York, NY. (14’ x 8’ Mountain:
Wood, Fiberglass, Acrylic, Steel; 4 Fake Stone Furniture for Office
Headquarters) 1982.
Safari Market, Milano, Italy (5’ x 12’ Acrylic) 1980.
Carabiner Inc., New York, NY. (68’ x 10’ Acrylic on Canvas; 14,
16’ x 14’ Fiberglass Panels at Niagara Falls for Canadian
Government: Life Size Mechanical Mobile Mannequin on Bicycle:
Aluminum, Steel, Wood, Plastic, Wax, Cloth, Hair, Electricity) 1979.
Radio Smirne, Izmir, Turkey (10’ x 10’ Fresco Secco) 1973.
Yale Faculty Housing, New Haven, CT. (8’ x 6’ Tempera on
Marble) 1969.
Blu Boutique, Milano, Italy (30’ x 50’ Whole Environment: Wood,
Steel, Stone, Iron, Mirror, Enamel) 1967.
Marini Building, Milano, Italy (4’ x 42’ Glass Mosaic on Cement)
Charlie’s Bar and Disco, Bridgeport, CT. (40’ x 10’ Whole
Environment: Enamel on Plaster) 1965.
New York Museums (12 students), 2000-10
Tuscany, Venice, Milan and Parma (guide and lecturer), Robert and
Merry Quackenbush, 2000
Northern Italy: Tuscany, Umbria, Romagna, Veneto, (guide and
lecturer), 10 students, 2001
Italy and Austria: Rome, Florence, Venice, and Longau (guide and
lecturer) for Geoffrey Hoguet and Anna Luisa Ponti, 2001- 2002

Anasazi Southwest ruins and New Mexico and Arizona Pueblos
(guide and lecturer), 1993-98
Spain (Barcellona) France (Provence –Paris), Italy (Venice,
Florence, Rome Milan), guide and lecturer, 30 American art
students, 1971

Alexander Shundi Portrait of an Artist, (Studio interview and
opening of Fantasy Trains, Mattatuck Museum) directed, and
filmed, and produced by Paul Del Monte, and Carl Andres, 2019
Two video presentations on Alex Shundi, Lake Carmel Art
Association, directed by Chris Casaburi, 2016
Onnigs’ Inferno, Documentary produced and directed by Philip
Hopper and Carl Andre, on art and polemics of Kardash Onnig, and
Alex Shundi (also camera), 84 minutes, 2010-2011
How to paint a portrait (Monkey see) 35-minute film in six
segments demonstrating painting a portrait. Directed by Terry
Snyder, 2008
Newarts Exibition Lecture, Documentary on a lecture at
Newartsgallery, Litchfield, Ct, directed by Carl Andre, 2009
The Virtue of Consistency, a documentary of a lecture given at the
Butler home, Santa Fe, NM, 45 minutes, 2008
Alexander Shundi, (Nonpareil Absurdist), directed by Carl Andre,
a 7 minute short on the work and studio of Shundi, 2007
Alexander Shundi (Agente Provocatore) , directed by Carl Andre
and Michael Banks, produced by NYIT, seven 7 minute shorts on a
45 minute lecture and exhibition at the Bantam Theater (thanks to
Sheila Nevins, HBO), and Newartsgallery, Litchfield, Ct.
(Posted on You-Tube) 2007
Film Analysis and Compositional Aesthetics, series of 28 lectures at
New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan. 2004-07
“Hopi Project” with Devin Terreson of Primal Perfect, (Script
revision, Art Direction, Production Designer) 1988-91.
Art Director for Three 25 Minute Films on “Creativity” for Carabiner
Audio Visual Co., NY. NY. In Collaboration with Onnig Kalfayan,
Purchased by IBM) 1979-84.
Collaborated with Mohmed Sanjani, (SUNY Purchase Film Dept.
Documentary: “The Art of Shundi”) 1981-82.

Short Film On Surrealism, (With Julian Levi in Bonieux, France,
and New Fairfield, CT: 17 Min.) 1972-73.
Film Courses with Stanish Lawder, Yale University: 2 Short Films:
“Revolutionary Balloons” (13 Minutes), and “DaDa PaPa MaMa”, 18
min. 1967-69.
Lecturer-Member “Il Barcone” Cineclub, Milano, Italy. 1966-67.
President of Film Society at Brera Academy, Milano, Italy, and
Film Critic for “L’Avanguardia Rossa” (a Periodical on Poetry, Art,
and Film) 1966-67.
Wrote and Directed Two 16 mm Shorts (9-11min.) on Surrealist
Theme in Westport, CT) 1965-66.
President of Film Society at Silvermine College of Art, 1964-66.
Film Courses with William Woody, Silvermine College of Art.
Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq,
Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece,
Yugoslavia, Italy-Sicily-Sardinia, France, Canada, Spain, Belgium,
Switzerland, Holland, England, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Monaco,
Luxemburg, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Morocco, USA.

“ F.S. EXPRESS Alexander Bocchialini Shundi”, New Arts
Publications, 2016
“The Lyrical I, The Poems and Collages of Alexander Shundi”
New Arts Publications, 2014

Alexander Shundi’s works are in many public and private collections in the
United States and abroad. He has been the subject of many articles in news
papers and magazines including: Art News, Art in America, Arte Moderna,
Hartford Magazine, Dutchess County Magazine, The New York Times, Il
Redentore, The Boston Globe, The Bridgeport Post, Apotheosis, The New
Haven Register, South West Magazine, Ridgefield Times, Pasatiempo,
Westport Bulletin, The Lakeville Journal, Harlem Valley Times, Waterbury
Republican, Miami Herald, Litchfield County Times, The Country and

Abroad Magazine, Millerton News, “ The” Magazine Santa Fe, and La
Gazzetta di Parma, Arte-Go, Gazzetta di Mantova, Viatico Art Magazine,
New Notizie e Cultura, Millbrook Independent, Pramzanblog, Gualdo
Tadino Cittá d’Arte, Libero Italia, Geos News, Zaffiro Magazine, Arte It.,
Corriere di Puglia, Aise Cultura, Rocca Flea Magazine, Hartford Corran,
Palm Beach Daily News.
Alex spent eight summers racing “off the road” vehicles in international
rallies throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. He has traveled for twenty years
exploring the American Southwest, with particular focus on both ancient and
current Pueblo culture, art, and mythology. He has curetted various
exhibitions of art and Native American artifacts for galleries and museums.
Alex has also conducted extensive studies on Islamic design and symbolism
throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.
Amongst his interests are poetry, writing, cooking, traveling, and collections
of African, Venetian, Indigenous Meso and South American art and masks,
and Native North American artifacts.
Alex is multi-lingual, and has traveled to 38 countries.
He lives and works in an 1852 converted Church, in Amenia Union, NY
With his wife Elizabeth Seewald Hill, also a painter, and has two children:
Aramis (a mosaicist), and Siena (a psychologist).

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