Lynn McAtee

My art background is BotanicalArt which I studied at the NY Botanical Garden for five years beginning in 1997. I was a late starter. Prior to this my focus was investing, so painting was a complete departure from my comfort level. The Botanical Garden program begins with basic drawing techniques followed by classes in color, colored pencil, pen and ink, graphite and watercolors. The program was challenging and the teachers were all inspirational! I was hooked. The focus on Botanical Art requires rigorous attention to detail and drawing techniques. It gave me an excellent background for my progression to a more contemporary style. After 10 years in this discipline, I took a class Playing Picassoby Liz Segall at the Society of the Four Arts , Palm Beach. I loved the freedom to paint with no consideration for the image other than my own interpretation. I have always loved cubism and this has influenced me as well. Thus my art has evolved from a very stylistic, very precise discipline to a more contemporary style having its origin in the recesses of my mind. I credit the NY Botanical Garden for teaching me the art techniques that have given me the confidence to develop as an artist. I credit the Society of the Four Arts and wonderful art teachers such as Liz Segall, Suzanne Scherer , Pavel Ouporov, Alexander Shundi, Alexander Newley and Sue Archer for nurturing my love of art and encouraging me to expand in a different direction. 

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